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A 3 day “deep dive” into the 27 Enneagram Tritypes

With Katherine Chernick Fauvre

24- 26 March 2019

Koningsteen, Belgium

We are delighted to announce that the Enneagramschool is hosting Katherine Chernick Fauvre to teach the Enneagram Tritype Master Class in Belgium.  Course registration is now open so sign up soon to take advantage of the early bird price.

When: Sunday 24 until Tuesday 26 March, 2019, from 10 AM until 7 PM.
Where: Koningsteen, Oxdonkstraat 168, 1880 Kapelle op-den Bos, Belgium
Who: Taught by Katherine Chernick Fauvre, the originator of the Tritype system.

You will learn how to apply the Enneagram Tritype System directly into your own personal life as well as coaching and guiding others.  You will learn the basic needs, concerns and limitations of the 27 Tritype combinations so you can start to remove the specific limiting factors in your life as well as understand what drives the behaviors and attitudes of the people around you.

  • Discover the deep emotional needs and concerns at the heart of each Tritype
  • Learn the order in which you use your types from the 3 centers of intelligence
  • Work with the defense patterns and innate gifts of each of the 27 Tritypes
  • Use your knowledge of your Tritype Archetype to move through repetitive patterns
  • Develop greater compassion by recognizing the biological imperatives of the Tritypes
  • Learn to identify the innate focus, struggles and gifts of each Tritype
  • Learn to understand where others are coming from

Who would benefit from this course?

This master class is great for all Enneagram enthusiasts, teachers, coaches, therapists and mentors that wish to expand their knowledge of the Enneagram and discover more advanced nuances of type.


Because this is a master class we will begin working with the concepts of Type, Instinct and Tritype right away, so you do need a working knowledge of all these concepts. You also need to know your own Tritype with the greatest degree of certainty. If you are new to Tritype or have not confirmed your Tritype yet, simply schedule a Tritype Typing Session with Katherine via Zoom (a free download) at


Over the course of 3 days, you will learn how to identify and work with your Tritype’s primary Blind Spots and Defense Strategies as well as discover your Innate Strengths and corresponding Gifts. With this knowledge, you will understand with greater subtlety your personal Life Mission, and the basic needs and concerns of the 27 Tritype combinations as well as how to address each one to get the best from people.

You will work with the 27 Tritypes in an interactive way so you learn how the three types intersect and create inner tension by magnifying some needs and concerns, and minimizing others. For example, the 8, 7 and 3 are all assertive types. When an individual has 873 as their Tritype they have three types that are focused on asserting and doing in the outer world but do not have a natural inclination to go inward. If this Tritype is combined with the social instinct, the energy will be even bigger as the desire of the social is to join others, whereas if the self-preservation instinct is dominant, this will make the energy more practical and focused.

You will participate in the exploration of what it means to have your type and Tritype and instinctual stacking combined.

What you will learn:

You will be able to quickly and more accurately recognize your own Tritype and the Tritype of others and how you and others use all 3 types of intelligence to make every decision in life.  Knowing your Tritype and the Tritypes of others helps you to make clear decisions and better understand where other people are coming from.

You will understand the archetypal qualities of the 27 Tritypes through powerful visual imagery. so that you can quickly recognize key features indicative to type and Tritype. This will enable you to more accurately “type” people and know how to distinguish between common Enneagram Lookalikes so that you avoid mistypings.

Above all, you will receive practical ways to directly apply the Tritype teachings into your life, your work, and in your relationships.


Katherine Chernick Fauvre
Katherine Fauvre Consulting, Enneagram Explorations and Fauvre Research

Katherine is an internationally recognized author, teacher, trainer, researcher and coach.

Her innovative and cutting-edge work with the Instinctual Types, Tritypes, Archetypes and Micro expressions has made her a leader in the Enneagram field. She has conducted 22 studies on the internal experiences of the 9 Types, Instinctual Types and Tritypes, is a former member of the Board of Directors of the IEA, and is a certified teacher with Palmer-Daniels, Riso-Hudson and Hurley-Donson. She is the author of 16 Enneagram products including: The

Enneagram Enneacards, The 27 Tritypes Revealed, Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes, and Enneastyle: The 9 Languages of Enneagram Type. She created the ‘In-depth Inquiry Process’ and Enneagram Master Classes at  and she co-created the award winning TV series on the Enneagram, Types: Your Personality Revealed.

Practical information

Early bird price:

595 € (21% VAT excluded) until December 24, 2018. This means 719,95 € VAT included.

Basic price of course:

As from December 25, 2018 you pay the normal price: 695 € (21% VAT excluded.). This means 840,95 € VAT included.

Lunch is included. If you like to stay overnight in Koningsteen, please read Lodging conditions below.


Lodging and meals in the evening are optional. A single room is 125 € for 2 nights. A double room is 85 € per person sharing 2 nights. Evening meal (soup, salad & bread) is 12,5 € per meal. All these prices are 6 or 12 % VAT included. For bookings simply mail to Please note that it is best to book your room as soon as you register for the training. Rooms are limited.


The training will take place in Koningsteen. Find more information about the location and access to Koningsteen here. Koningsteen is located within a distance of 25 km from the airport.

Tritype Typing session:

To book a session, mail to

For more information about Tritype, go to this page on Katherine’s website.

We hope you are able to join us and look forward to welcoming you.